It all started in 1854...

On an auspicious day in 1854, Yung Wing made history as the first Chinese student ever to graduate from an American university - Yale University, with numerous literary prizes to show for his English talents. As a trailblazer for the Chinese people, he devoted his life to bridging the U.S education system for Chinese students, convincing the Qing Dynasty to send hundreds of students to study in New England to become global leaders. 

Over 150 years later, the profound effects of his diplomacy are evident. And with us, his legacy and vision lives on. Just as Yung Wing paved the way for Chinese students studying abroad, we provide the soft skills training that will get you acclimated with life abroad. With the collective wisdom and tutelage of Young Wing, you will feel right at home when studying and working in English speaking countries.  

Meet the team!

We are on a mission to socially and culturally prepare internationals who come to the West for study and work.
Harrison Miller
Harrison Miller is a Yale University graduate, and a former SpaceX enterprise software engineer with prior Machine Learning experience. He has 7 years of experience as a private high school tutor, working extensively with students in the U.S. and China. Harrison is passionate about global education and has enjoyed building organizations since 2013, when he founded Yale’s archery program and received attention from Olympic USA Archery.
Derek Yu
Derek Yu is a Yale College graduate who has studied under multiple Nobel Prize winners, former Presidents of countries, and Fortune 500 Company executives. He has machine learning engineering experience working at General Electric. He is also finishing up a masters degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with a specific focus on the education technology space.